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i draw what i like and stuff i hope you enjoy my art ^^

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R.I.P George Baird

Sun Feb 23, 2014, 10:27 AM

Today Sunday the 23rd of February George Baird, my granddad passed away. at the age of 78 he has been fighting cancer since 2011 when he found out he had bowel cancer. since that very day he still had been smiling, cracking jokes, not giving a care in the world still living his life. it was 2012 he had to stop chemo ,cause of the effects it was doing to him, body and mind. after it left his body we had good news the cancer was able to be removed...but then later discovered it had spread to his liver...through more and more fighting the doctors were on and off with us about if they be able to take it away. being told they was able to remove it but later to say they couldn't. soon enough my granddad had to be taken into hospital from serious pains in his stomach, it was then he was having to have a stoma bag.

Even if he hated it he still pushed through it ,still trying to be happy like always, even if he had his down days. he was still able to walk around just fine watch football on the TV and laugh, hell even still drive his car. it was in 2013 when he started to have trouble with his left leg , saying it was hurting him feeling a pressure almost. having problems getting up the stairs and getting up from his chair ,soon being given a walking stick to help him around better. even then! at that point he laughed doing silly stuff with the walking stick, all in all he was a happy person even in these dyer times.  

Now 2014. he couldn't walk any longer, now having nurses come to the house helping us with him, he had to stay in bed most of the time seeing he couldn't use his legs anymore making friends with the nurses. laughing with them, making their visit happier. even if we was still smiling thinking "its all gonna be ok in the end". it was then we was given the worst news. the doctors finally told us the cancer had spread to his lungs and that he didn't have much time, giving him 2 hours to live. my granddad was a strong man as he through his whole life have been in some serious situations. He showed the doctors they was wrong living a month and a half as we would help him from the bed into his chair to watch the football. then finally the doctor left us with "he has cancer now in his bones" we was brought down even lower now that it had gotten worst, how he spoke of "we go to Disney land after all of this". my family would ask how long, even if the doctors wasn't sure they said he would pass in pain due to the cancer and the state he was in. this finally brings me today as morning was normal, my family speaking with my granddad even if he was tired from the drugs given to him from the doctors. he would respond quietly talking back. it was then near 3:00 am he passed away, he passed away while he slept peacefully and again he showed the doctors they was wrong he didn't go in pain.

He was born on the 27th of September 1935 and died on the 23rd of February 2014

He will always and will forever be loved and remembered by his family. wife ,children and grandchildren. We will miss you so much.

as you was my first words as a baby calling you "daddad" I love you so much Daddad . I'll miss you, rest in peace.

Rest in peace Granddad by petplayer976

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Commission: Petplayer976 by RogueLottie

A drawing from Lottie499,the way it's drawn and how the lines are, is smooth and amazing. the colour is spot on the scars are very well...

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MusicGirl1445 Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You're an amazing artist, I wish I was as good as you. I've tried to make my own characters, but failed... any tips to help a fellow artist in need???????
hmm. making a character is hard. some characters evolve over the years, months, weeks or even days . its all about putting putting a piece of you into the character what you picture the character being and doing

such as what is this character ? is it a monster or a animal what age would it be or even gender
you can get real creative just have to think over things ^^
MusicGirl1445 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Any suggestions???
well all I can do really is this  maybe help you out 

what is your character ? 
human, animal, creature, supernatural ?

what age is your character ?
baby, child, teenager, adult, elder ?

what colour is their hair/fur ?
what colour is their eyes ?
what do they do ?
are they evil or good ?
if they have wings , can they use them or not ?

then with the simple stuff out the way you make a background of this character it may take time but as long as you get it in the end you be good ^^
(1 Reply)
hey there petplayer976..we'll the truth is i've looked up to you for a long time an you are the reason why i love drawing wolves or werewolves

evil ishi is my #1 fav character..well him an stitches
thank you . I'm glad I was able to inspire or be even the reason for you to draw wolves/werewolves ^^
:3 no problem huggles :D
kzmaster Mar 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Le SPAM! Boom! Get at me son ;)  lol

What's going on Anf ^^ Good news, I should be able to FINALLY get on over the weekend :D
OH MER GEEERRRDDD!!! XD haha YES!! lol freedom weekend lol

and nothing much ive been working like crazy on the body of the werehound ^^ starting to fur the head too : )

what about you ? whats been going on ? XD
kzmaster Mar 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well since my teachers decided to assign massive projects right on top of each other last week that's all I've been doing lol. I've literally lost track of my sleep schedule so I can't tell when I'm supposed to sleep anymore, because times I actually do manage to get to sleep I just wake up 4 hours later. Blerg...where's the coffee?

I'm at that point where I WANT to draw things but don't know what exactly TO draw (Have you ever had that?) 
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