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i draw what i like and stuff i hope you enjoy my art ^^

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I seen this while going around DA soo why not ? I like the series and is a huge fan so...POOF! LETS BEGIN! : ) 

1) First Encounter With This Series?- (i.e. how you discovered it. first episode you watched, etc…)
I first came across the game in a shop, I get getting my brother a gift. I soon seen the game saints row for the xbox 360
around this time it was late 2006 going on 2007 so this was a Christmas gift for my brother. i bought the game and once the day arrived my brother never liked the game-so i picked it up and after that it's all history i fell in love with the game.

2) The Moment That Made You Fall in Love with this Series? -
I can't really say what "moment" that made me fall in love with the series. It was very enjoyable with the first game and granted some missions made me cringe and got me angry. Where the game is suppose to be funny, it got a giggle out of me.
I guess if i had to pick ? i suppose the moment i seen the trailer for SR2 came around, cause i got more saints row in my system haha 

3) Favorite Female Character? -
Shaundi without a doubt!
Shaundi in SR2 was the cutest little baby.
when SRTT first came out i was iffy about her drastic change to her personality and appearance. I was like "woah Shaundi :0" 
but as time went on she started really grow on me, I started to study why was she like this. so I liked her a lot more then when i first loaded up SRTT and when I got my hands on SR4 i still liked her she was great.
so all in all Shaundi hands down.

4) Favorite Male Character? -
I gotta be honest it's expected- it's Johnny Gat. I like the old cast of the series.
as much as I like some of the new characters in the later games, I have myself disliking a lot more characters in the new then old.

5) Favorite Romance/Rivalry?-
mmmm I don't know ? 
I like Gat and Aisha together i find them a cute couple <3

6) Least Favorite Female Character? -
Kinzie. without any hesitation...
I just really do not like this character! she talks down to the boss like she is in charge while in reality the boss could easily hit her back without a single shit given and tell her to back the fuck off and remember who is the leader. I can rant about this character to no end but I see my answers are long enough.

7) Least favorite Male Character? -
CID. now i will say it that "least favorite" should be changed to "most hated"
I do indeed dislike Kinzie but she is like fucking second place when it comes to this little shit!
when i first seen CID not gonna lie, I thought he was cute. but as it grew later in the game i really started to dislike him before it just turned into burning hate! he was selfish, annoying his comments would drive me up the wall- his voice was like nails on a chalk board to me. I was so glad I didn't have to hear that fucking voice when i played the DLCs and GOOH. besides that one time he comes and helps you with Santa- but that was the only time.

8) Least Favorite Romance/Rivalry? -
don't know

9) Funniest Moment? -
I found a lot of moments in all saints row games. whether it was the sassy or snarky remarks or come backs that the characters would say through out the series. the rag dolls in SR2 and I will say it was fun shooting people out of the Genki-mobile. as much as SRTT wasn't my favorite out the lot it had its enjoyable moments, even the glitch i found out, shooting Oleg out the Genki-mobile. and just see him never coming back.

10) Saddest Moment? -
Carlos' death, I found it the most saddest and darkest point in SR2 and i think they wont be able to capture the feeling that scene had again. just the sheer fact actions speak louder then word and you can see the pain the character is in. that the boss has to mercy kill Carlos and all you see is just them holding hands till that trigger is pulled..and i found it sad and very well done..
Even if the boss was to get the chain off and free Carlos by the time they would have gotten him to hospital attention he would have died anyway but would have gone through more suffering to his body being fucked up.

11) Something You Wish Hadn’t Happened? -
I wish they never would have left Stilwater.
I don't like Steelport it's a boring city no life to it,
I want to go back to the city where it all start.

12) Something You Wished Would Happen But Never Did? -
Time machine, they have a time machine in SR4 so why not use it to go back in time and stop Zinyak before he blows up the fucking earth ?!
it seems logical right!? why have it if your not gonna use it ? go back in time save the world so then you have everything back! 

13) A Song That Reminds You of this Series? -
power - Kanye west
ever since hearing it in the trailer when SRTT was first coming around, I can't see it for anything else but saints row, I like it.

14) Favorite Villain? -
Dane comes in second but Maero was so good! 
he was smart, intimidating. he hurt the boss and the boss returned the pain.
Killbane had potential but he just flopped in my books.
he has some VERY nice things to say, what he came out with was very good, he could be intimidating too. he fucking breaks one of the twins necks for fuck sake. but he the end failed compared to Maero

15) A Character Everybody Else Loves That You Hate? -
I don't really know..the people i usually talk to hate the characters or dislike the characters i hate or dislike.

16) A Character Everybody Else Hates That You Love like? -
same with this one. I don't really know. pierce I like, I find him really funny and if he whines about something I don't roll my eyes in annoyance it's just is character and it's comedy to me. yet I've seen a few people that tend to dislike pierce or find him annoying lol so ill go with that. but I've met most people who like him too

17) The Character You Love To Hate? -
Dex. I want the boss to fucking destroy him! I want what the boss said to be fulfilled n' have this death that we can cheer about but nope we got treated like rabbits having a single carrot dangle in front of our faces and never giving it to us! what did we get was a cheap excuse for killing Dex. I wont go into details but it's pretty fucking lazy what we got after a shit ton of waiting.

18) The Top Three Things on Your To-Do List if You Suddenly Found Yourself in the Series? -
uhh first you are in a dangerous city filled with gangs and god knows what else. so run and hide out
and if magical the saints are cool with me in this said new world, i would hang out in purgatory cause that fucking crib is so damn pretty
the third is avoid freckle bitches.

19) A “Ship” in the Fandom You Can’t Stand? -(canon or non-canon; of characters or actors)
DanexShogo wtf it makes no ship what you guys want makes no sense ????
i don't like it B I

20) The Worst Fanfic You’ve Ever Read of this Series? - (include links if possible)
I don't read saints row fanfics.
if someone comes up to me with a link to their fanfic wanting me to check it out- yeah I'll give it a read
but besides that i don't do fanfiction reading.

21) On a Scale from Secret Admirer to Panty-Sniffer, How Obsessed Are You with this Series? -
those levels, holy shit-
I'm not obsessed with the series to the point it's consuming my life.
I adore the series greatly calling myself a old school fan. 
and I will admit things that I like and dislike about the games, they are not perfect they have flaws 
like I never really started drawing saints row fan art till 2010-11..ish. I collect saints row related items when i have the money if its worth my time buying- like I have a rare SR2 necklace but besides that i say I'm pretty..average with how obsessed i am with the game haha

22) The Character You’d Want as a Drinking Buddy? -
I don't drink haha but if I say gat maybe ?? either gat or the boss himself
then again it's hard to say having the whole gang would be amazing too!

23) The Character You’d Want as a Fuck Buddy?-
Spongebob Nope Icon by Cookays

24) The Character You Find Most relatable? -
i don't really know but if i had to pick Matt
only thing i can think about is that i do fangirl at times but on a very rare basis
i love my laptop too-oh wait that's Kinzie..FUCK!

25) Favorite Object/Prop? -
as much as i had 5 minutes of fun with the dubstep gun before never touching it again 
just give me any type of gun or dangerous melee weapons with sharp edges I'll be happy

26) Favorite Costume? -
werewolf costume >: D ha..HAHA

27) Favorite Quote? -
"it's our time now, lets get this shit started!"

28) Favorite Climax? - (i.e. series finale, battle, conclusion of a subplot, etc…)
SR when the boat explodes, back before any word of SR2 this left me speechless confused and on my seat like..what just happened ? then boom SR2 boss is outta coma WOO
the ending in SR2 was great aswell just like with 1 , before any word of SRTT the ending of 2 was left a lot to the imagination, what will the boss do now ? what will happen next now that they own the city! ...then SRTT haha 

29) A Moment That Made You Question Whether You Would Continue Reading/Watching? -
when i first thought they killed off Johnny Gat. I was torn on how to feel but I kept my hopes up if he returned half way through the game, but seeing zombie Gat left me angry then SR4 came out and i felt better XD 
cause I felt 4 while lacking, it picked it's self up from the third's mistakes in my perspective.

30) Will Anything Ever Replace this Series for You? -
so far nothing has, we will have to wait and see. see how SR5 goes for us fans..if there is gonna be a 5 lol

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Reace is very fluent in Spanish due to his father, being around him a lot more then his mother. he didn't learn any Japanese from his mother! 
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